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Arizona has always been a visionary state. When others were a little reluctant, they welcomed technology with open arms, one of the reasons behind the state’s exceptional economy. This, coupled with the low cost of living and the robust job market is why Arizona is one of the best states.

That’s not all. Arizona boasts some of the best landscape and topography that people from all over the world come to see. You must have heard of the Grand Canyon, beautiful red sandstone cliffs with saguaro cacti. There are deserts and flatlands, striped rocks, hills, and a total of 22 State Parks! Outdoor activities are plentiful.

Let’s dive into the best places to live in Arizona in 2022:

Paradise Valley

True to its name, Paradise Valley is one of the best places to live in Arizona.

One of the more affluent spots in the state, Paradise Valley has some great open spaces, delectable food, and plenty of other amenities.

The weather is good, winters especially are pleasant and spring starts early. There is a ton of natural beauty in the area. You will find natural attractions everywhere, such as the Piestewa National Park, and Echo Canyon.

Although small, the town is still super luxurious and has the same to offer to visitors and residents. There are exceptional golf courses, high-end dining experiences, a sophisticated shopping scene, and top-level resorts.

The quietness and the rural feel of Paradise Valley have attracted a lot of retirees from all over the country who choose to spend their days here comfortably.

Since the population is small, approximately 15,000, it is much easier to provide the residents with amenities. The public high schools are rated highly, and there are many parks in the city.

Internet is provided by Cox and CenturyLink which have high speeds up to 1000 Mbps, which makes this a good place for remote workers as well.


Nope, not the guy from Friends. This one is an actual place and is, as a matter of fact, on our list of the best places to live in AZ.

Chandler is one of the fastest-growing suburbs in Arizona and has been ranking consistently as one of the best places to live in the country. It is situated at a very convenient location and is easily accessible from the Phoenix Metro Area. That means an easy commute to and from work. And if your job makes you travel a lot, don’t worry, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is only a 20 minute drive.

One of the best things about Chandler is its affordable housing. What’s more, you can get luxury homes at the same price. Whereas in other cities, luxury houses cost at least a couple of thousand dollars extra.

Chandler has plenty of schools to choose from, and they all provide high-quality education. The children (and adults) can also benefit from the Chandler Public Library.

Chandler knows how to have fun! The downtown is vibrant and equipped with plenty of restaurants, bars, and clubs- there is much to try! They are not too heavy on the pocket either.

Many places in the city offer free WiFi like the Chandler Public Library and many coffee shops and cafes. Moreover, the top internet providers in the city are Cox and CenturyLink with 1000 Mbps of downloading speed. All this makes Chandler a good place for remote workers.


Cute like its name, Strawberry offers a much-needed respite from the fast-paced city life. This is why it is on the list of the best places in Arizona to live.

Strawberry is the ideal place for those who love the outdoors. There is much to do and see in this city. You can walk the Tonto Natural Bridge (a natural travertine bridge, the world only has a few of these) or, feel the ruggedness of Ponderosa Pine as their sweet smell sifts through the air.

The population of this small town is really small, only 946. That only adds to the tranquility and peace of the place and gives it a rather charming vibe. Nature is more readily accessible, and the smaller population means fewer people hogging up the open spaces.

Strawberry has public elementary schools that have good ratings such as Pine Strawberry Elementary. There are parks and playgrounds as well as daycare centers. The town also offers some quaint dining spots such as oy’s Sweet Shoppe & Espresso Cafe for morning coffee runs, or Mi Familia Mexican Food for some delicious Mexican food.


Tempe has excellent weather all year round, and the winters are distinctly pleasant. It is an inner suburb located in the Pheonix metropolitan area and is 6 miles from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. This makes Tempe easily accessible.

There are ample jobs available, plenty of green spaces, decent neighborhoods, great eats, not to mention a growing economy. All of this has made the quality of life very high in Tempe, and residents enjoy living in the city.

The ASU is located near downtown Tempe, which has turned the city into a huge college town. This has also given Tempe a lively nightlife, and a dynamic sports culture.

Good news for remote workers, Tempe ranks as the 5th best city in the country for remote workers. The top internet providers in the city are Cox and CenturyLink which have up to 1000 Mbps of speed. Public spaces such as the Tempe Public library offer free internet to the residents. Moreover, there are coworking spaces such as the Mac6 Coworking Space and the WeWork Office Space and Coworking that are of great help to remote workers.

Wrapping it up

Arizonian cities are pleasant places to live. There is a variety of weather and almost all cities have some sort of outdoor activities to offer. According to Forbes, Arizona is the most entrepreneurial state. The population is educated and the property and business taxes are low. Arizona has a rich native-American culture that preserves the heritage and history of the country. Moreover, the stability and tranquility of the state are some valuable traits.


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