Best Places to Live in Alaska

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Best place to live in Alaska

Is it time for you to travel to The Last Frontier? The 49th state is a mystery to many; with a vast wilderness and unique wildlife, Alaska offers a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Whether you’re interested in the state’s natural beauty or the slower pace of life, you won’t be the first to admire this state’s way of life.

But, do you know the best places to live in Alaska? With areas of protected land and uninhabitable landscapes, this northern state has pockets of dense population in the southeastern regions. Don’t think that the whole state is rural, though! Over 700,000 residents live here, and you can find exciting urban areas too.

Are you ready to move? Keep reading to explore the best places to live in Alaska for families and to retire. Enjoy!


Known as the state’s largest city and cultural center, Anchorage is popular with all demographics. This is one of the best places to live in Alaska if you want a combination between outdoor activities and big-city energy. With a population of 290,090, you’ll always find something new to explore here!

Living in Anchorage allows you to enjoy modern life with a side of mountains. The residents in this city share the streets with moose, bears, beavers, and sheep. Locals also appreciate the nearby natural parks, including Kincaid Park and Far North Bicentennial Park – ideal for avid hikers or trail runners.

If you tire of enjoying the city of wildlife, you can enjoy some of the city’s famous seafood. Popular dishes here include salmon, rockfish, cod, scallops, oysters, and more. Many restaurants also use seasonal root vegetables, berries, and greens to garnish their plates. However, thanks to the city’s thriving food scene, all cuisines are on the menu.

Remote work is popular in Anchorage, and the Wi-Fi in the city runs 0.78% faster than in other areas in the state. Popular providers include HughesNet, Viasat, and GCI. If you need to leave the city, the closest airport is the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport – ideal for flights anywhere in the world.

As you may expect, Anchorage sees cold winters from November until March. In these cold months, you can expect average daily highs of 32F and 75.59 inches of winter snowfall, so pack your warmest gloves! In the summer, Anchorage can be anywhere between 55F to 78F.

The cost of living in this city is 23.5% above the US national average. Though it’s more expensive, locals can access good healthcare, education, and childcare. The quality of life in this northern city is excellent, so if you don’t mind the snow, Anchorage could be your new home.

Choose Anchorage for a mixture of rugged Alaskan landscapes and urban city vibes.


Fairbanks is the best place to live in Alaska for families, the second-largest city in the state. This city is in the Interior region of Alaska and is further north than Anchorage. Don’t let this put you off, as residents enjoy the midnight sun, the northern lights, and countless other unique natural phenomena.

Home to 100,00 residents, this city is more remote yet still offers downtown areas and impressive amenities. One of the key attractions to this city is the midnight sun – a period where residents enjoy 70 days of sunlight. Though this isn’t for anyone, many residents find it energizing, and it’s a big tourist attraction.

Other activities enjoyed by locals include museums, boat cruises on the Chena River, historical buildings, and independent shops. Alongside these popular amenities, you can also enjoy Alaska’s only theme park, Pioneer Park.

Fairbanks is a very diverse city, so all food options are on the table. However, if you want to enjoy local dishes, you can find reindeer sausage, Alaskan salmon, Yukon gold potatoes, and locally brewed beer in many restaurants.

Like Anchorage, Fairbanks is connected to the internet thanks to providers like HughesNet, but public Wi-Fi is very limited. The closest airport is Fairbanks International Airport, which is ideal for anyone who needs to travel for work.

Fairbanks’ cost of living is slightly lower than Anchorage’s, allowing families to spend less while thriving. This city provides a wide range of schools and medical amenities. The only difference is Fairbanks is further north and colder.

Fairbanks is for you if you want to enjoy a true Alaskan city.


Interested in retiring in Ketchikan? This town on Revillagigedo Island is in the southeastern area of Alaska. 13.4% of the population here are seniors; many relocate here to enjoy the slower pace of life and excellent living quality in their older years.

Not only is this one of the best places to live in Alaska, but it’s also a popular cruise route and a tourist hotspot. There’s always something to do, from fishing to art festivals. This small town is always busy. Ketchikan also boasts beaches, where many residents enjoy watching the gorgeous sunsets.

Ketchikan’s closest airport is the Ketchikan International Airport, connecting the area with the rest of the world. However, note that the road links in and out of the city are sparse due to its remote location. Despite Ketchikan’s location, Wi-Fi is available via HughesNet and GCI.

The weather in Ketchikan includes a cold season from November to March, and the average daily high is 44F. The town also sees a lot of rain due to its position in the Tongass National Forest. The weather in the summer is lighter and warmer, so it’s not all showers!

The cost of living in this remote area is more than in Anchorage, making it the most expensive spot on this list. However, with the city’s tourism, activities, and safe atmosphere, you receive an excellent standard of life.

If you want to slow down and enjoy nature, explore Ketchikan.

The Bottom Line

Alaska is a state unlike any other. If you’re a summer lover, it may not be for you. But you’ll thrive here if you enjoy crisp winter mornings and rugged mountain sceneries. The best places to live in Alaska offer all you need for a comfortable life with good health and opportunities. When will you be visiting?


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