Best Places to Live in Alabama

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Best places to live in Alabama

Ready to turn sweet home Alabama from a song to a truth?

Known for southern hospitality, college sports, and idyllic coastal beaches, Alabama is a must-consider if you’re planning to move. This state is a great place to get cozy with your family and enjoy the warm local spirit.

If you’re hunting for a new family home, let us take some of the strain away. We’ve gathered the best places to live in Alabama to help you get inspired. Searching for a home is exciting, so let’s start the journey! Read on to find out the top Alabama locations.


Looking for the best places to live in Alabama with a family? Make sure you check out Alabama on your home search. This northern city offers quaint downtown areas, high-quality education, and a family-friendly community.

This mid-sized city is home to approximately 45,000 residents who enjoy the peaceful town life and amenities. However, going to and from work isn’t the only thing to do here! Madison offers outdoor hiking along the Rainbow Mountain trails, a local skate park, plus lots of local beer breweries for adult fun.

A perk of living in Madison is the southern hospitality, especially the hearty food. Residents enjoy beignets, biscuits, and meatloaves in local restaurants. Alternative cuisines include Mediterranean, Mexican, and Japanese.

Madison is well-known for its engineering industry links, so anyone with experience in this field is well-suited to the area. However, Madison is also connected to good internet providers such as Google Fiber and AT&T, allowing residents to enjoy remote work. If you need to get out of town for a business trip, the closest airport is Huntsville International Airport.

If you plan to settle in this city, you better like warm climates! Madison boasts a long, hot summer with short winters. Just be aware that the summer period can be quite humid, so pack your fan.

Living in Madison provides you with many restaurants, activities, and good education, yet the city’s cost of living is 6% lower than the US average. This is a dream for any young family ready to put down roots and build a family home.

For a comfortable and affordable family life, consider the delightful city of Madison.


One of the best places in Alabama to live is Auburn. Part of Lee county, this area boasts a large number of young people and exceptional higher education opportunities. Auburn University attracts many well-educated scholars, ideal if you want to further your education or mingle with like-minded residents.

But Auburn isn’t all about schools. This community also revolves around outdoor activities and relaxing breaks in local parks. Popular spots include the Tuskegee National Forest and the Chewacla State Park. Alongside these parks, you’ll also find impressive golf courses for sports-oriented residents.

Like many southern cities, Auburn offers many local delicacies. Southern food is comfort food; here, you’ll enjoy skillet dishes, peanut butter pies, and other local delights. This city also enjoys locally brewed beers, with the Auburn Draft House providing micro-brewery refreshments.

Auburn offers many career opportunities within education and local businesses. If you wish to work from home, the city is well connected with fast Wi-Fi from AT&T, Spectrum, and EarthLink providers. Business travel in this city is easily accessible from the city’s own Auburn University Regional Airport.

Like other areas of Alabama, Auburn offers long, hot summers and cool winters. In the winter, temperatures here rarely fall below 43F, and residents don’t experience snow. However, the city does receive 54 inches of rain per year.

The cost of living in Auburn is below the national average by 6%, proving you can access high-quality education and amenities without paying premium prices.

For national parks, unique food, and a friendly community, it had to be Auburn.


Based in Baldwin County, Fairhope is a quiet town on the Gulf coast. One of the best places to live in Alabama by the beach, Fairhope provides a small-town feel with a breathtaking sea view.

This town is only home to approximately 17,000 residents, perfect for anyone looking to move away from big city life. Fairhope is known for green parks, a sweeping view of the bay, and local businesses. If you want to enjoy boutiques, art galleries, and white sand beaches, schedule a visit here.

The food in Fairhope often revolves around fresh seafood due to this town’s proximity to the sea. You can also enjoy local steakhouses, grills, and brunch cafes if you don’t fancy the catch of the day.

Since Fairhope is a smaller town, there isn’t an abundance of corporate jobs. However, locals often enjoy working with small businesses or from home. This town is connected to Wi-Fi from T-Mobile, AT&T, and Viasat, allowing freelancers and remote workers to thrive. The closest airport for domestic travel is the Mobile Regional Airport.

Due to Fairhope’s position on the coast, residents here only experience a three-month cool season. The rest of the year is hot and humid. Note that residents also endure more rain and thunderstorms, as the town receives 67 inches of rain per year.

Living in Fairhope is slightly above the US average. But, considering the beauty of Fairhope’s beaches, the town’s safety, and high-quality amenities make living here worthwhile. Many retirees favor this spot too, perfect for anyone looking for a community of new friends.

Fairhope provides a coastal escape in the south of the US.

The Bottom Line

From higher education hotspots to seaside views, the best places to live in Alabama are varied and unique. Whether you want to start a family or retire by the ocean, this state has options for all demographics. Good luck with your home hunt!


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