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Checkr is one of the most advanced technology companies that use artificial intelligence to run background checks for companies that want to hire prospective employees.

Checkr services well-known companies such as Uber, Netflix, and Doordash. This alone makes them a sought-after place to work, and a great addition to put on to your CV.

Better yet, not only does Checkr do background checks on employees, but it aims to help people who have criminal records get jobs that they wouldn’t normally be considered for.

So, by working at Checkr, not only will you be gaining incredible experience and working with some of the most well-known companies on Earth, but you will also be helping someone who is struggling to get a job.


Highlights of Checkr’s Remote Work Policy

Employees Can Choose Between Full-Time Remote Work or Hybrid Work

At Checkr, you have the choice of whether you would like to work in the offices full time, work fully remote, or take on a hybrid model of the two.

The hybrid model consists of working both remotely and in the office. The number of days worked in the office can be from 1 to 3 days per week, and is up to the employee’s discretion.

The reason that Checkr has decided to implement this and give employees the choice of how they would like to work is because they have found that some modes suit different employees better.

Allowing employees to choose where they prefer to work makes them happier and more productive, which, in the long run, benefits the company, too.


Attractive Work From Home Stipends And Benefits

Employees that work from home, or are doing a hybrid version of remote work and in-office work, are luckily afforded the same benefits and stipends as the employees who are working in the offices full time.

The benefits that Checkr offers its remote employees include comprehensive health cover and wellness programs. The health plans cover 100% of insurance premiums and also include generous family and parental leave.

The wellness program that is offered focuses on holistic wellbeing. It includes education reimbursements for those employees who want to better their knowledge, physical therapy, and onsite massages for those employees who are partaking in the hybrid work model.

Additionally, flexible paid leave is offered, as well as a fully paid-for gym membership, and public transport reimbursement for those who are making use of the hybrid remote work model.


Flexible Work Hours

If you work remotely, you have the advantage of your work hours being quite flexible. Since a lot of Checkr’s remote workers are from all around the globe, Checkr realizes that they can’t expect them to work from 9 am to 5 pm San Francisco time.

Because of this, remote work hours are generally pretty flexible. As long as you get your required work done for the day and check in with your superiors, then Checkr is not too stringent with work hours.

This works hugely in the employee’s favor as it allows for them to squeeze in personal tasks and appointments during the day such as school pick-ups and dental appointments.


Employee Reviews Of Remote Work At Checkr

One of the most stand-out things about Checkr is that they won the 2021 Comparably award for Best Company For Happiness.

This award is based on anonymous feedback from employees who work at the company nominated over a 12-month period.

Going off of some other employee feedback, the general feedback is that Checkr is a fun and exciting place to work. The environment and people working there are very supportive and there are great leaders there.

Additionally, employees have reported that the perks and benefits offered by the company are a huge bonus and that the company is very focused on giving; giving to their employees and to the community around them that is less privileged.


Checkr Remote Work In The News

Checkr has been in the news recently for their opinion and take on how companies need to change the way in which they are hiring people, as well as how they can save themselves from the Great Resignation.

Checkr reckons that companies need to incorporate more perks and flexibility to help them secure the right employees. This can largely be met by offering remote work, such as they do.

Other than that, they have not made the news for their take on remote work, or that they are making any changes to their remote work structure.


In Conclusion

To conclude, remote work at Checkr seems to be a fun and exciting experience to take on.

Not only are you gaining a ton of experience, but you are changing someone’s life, too. The perks, benefits, and work environment also seem to make it a really enjoyable place to work.

Checkr is one of the best tech companies with a great remote work policy, and it is a company that seems to provide a lot of promise for new employees.


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