8 Ways To Stay Motivated While Working Remote & Traveling

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These past few years 70% of working Americans have been deeply involved in the work-from-home travel lifestyle, and we understand how weary it can be to find the energy to get off of that couch. That magical couch has somehow embodied the comfiest imprint of yourself. That enchanting couch, no matter where you happen to be in the world, has seen endless amounts of zoom calls and “best regards” emails. It is almost family at this point. 

Remote work has given people everywhere the endless opportunity to work from most places they could have never imagined. Why live in Ohio when you can live on the sunnyside coast of California? Regardless, no matter where you are, work is still work, and staring at a computer screen for 8 hours can be the most draining task of them all. Most remote workers find it difficult to maintain the drive to leave their homes after a long day. 

Many people have taken advantage of the ability to move frequently while having secured remote gigs, and with it comes many pros and cons. Moving to new areas is exciting and frightening, bundled into one emotion. Having the courage to do so takes a lot of energy and can be overwhelming once you have arrived at your destination, but you will want to make the most of your experience since you have gone through the rollercoaster of emotions. We are here to get you up off the couch and walk you through how to stay motivated to keep exploring your dream destinations.


Work in Time Blocks

Part of the stress when working in the office is the stress of management hovering and watching your every move. You don’t have to overwork yourself for 4 hours straight until your lunch break. Working from home allows a more comfortable space to block out your daily time. Keep in mind this lifestyle can sometimes be distracting. You might find yourself working on a project that took you 25 mins in the past, which is now taking over an hour. Dedicating specific tasks during a 30-minute time block will hold you more accountable, make your time more manageable, and not drain your mental energy for the rest of your day. Take the breaks you deserve throughout the days. 

Meet New Friends

I know, easier said than done. The older you get the more difficult it can be to meet friends, but I can reassure you it’s possible. Hoping on different Meet Up or Social Media Apps can help you find events or group activities in your new area. Many people are in the same boat as you and are more than happy to meet for coffee or cocktails. Consider reading at a coffee shop, grabbing a drink alone at a cocktail bar, are other ways to meet people as well, but you have to muster the confidence to strike up conversations with strangers! 

Create A To-Do List

Without daily structure, time can easily get away from you. Creating a to-do list gives you the ability to stay more focused and disciplined throughout your days. To-do lists maintain feelings of accomplishment while keeping your daily and weekly tasks organized. When you feel like you are fulfilling important duties it boosts personal morale. Allowing you to feel more prompted to keep down the positive path.

Join A Weekly Class

Having something to look forward to is always exciting. Joining classes keeps you dedicated to something outside your home base. A pilates class, cooking class, a kickboxing course, a pottery introduction, painting workshop, yoga, even volunteering at a local shelter. These things can keep you more than just busy, they can bring to light a whole new creative side that you never knew existed! 

Work From An Internet Cafe

An internet cafe is the best way for you to meet people similar to you. Remote work is all the craze, and trust me when I say most people don’t want to stay cooped up in their houses either, so what is the easiest way out? Cafes. Grab a seat and do your thing, I have met incredible people from all over the world by just going out and working in public! 

Dress Up For Work At Home

Who wants to do that?! Working in Pajamas is one of the perks of working from home! Yes, I know, but it also subconsciously makes you feel more comfortable than you should in your working environment. Getting ready for the day gives you a deeper daily routine, makes you feel more confident when speaking with clients and coworkers, and once you are done with work there is no excuse for not wanting to head out for the night! 

Set Up 2 Events A Week

A simple task of having something planned can motivate you to leave the house. Whether it be a concert, a museum, a stroll through the park, a new art exhibition, a walking tour, or a local farmers market. Planning something throughout your weeks will give you the courage to go out and explore things alone or with new friends you have met. As well as, filling your schedule to make you feel like you have something to look forward to every week! 

Keep Yourself Active

We hear this day in and day out, “staying active is the most important thing you can do for yourself.” In the struggle of staying motivated, the last thing you want to do is go on a run or hit the gym to squat some weights. There is valuable truth to it and I am here to reassure you the experts are right. Keeping your body in motion releases important chemicals throughout your brain that gives your body the natural energy you need to keep going. Without active motion, our body sinks in itself deeper and deeper. 

Dan McCabe
Dan McCabe

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