3 Ways to Try Remote Work and Travel

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Now that we are past the ‘have-to’ of pandemic era remote working, many are finding that they want to give remote working a real try. What was once a mystery and a hopeful dream is now accessible to almost anyone thanks to the adaptability of technology. If you’re interested in giving remote working a try, here are a few ways to dip your toe in the waters.

Make a Soft Commitment with a New Opportunity

First things first, you need a job that will allow you to work from anywhere. This is not the case with every remote work opportunity so you’ll want to be clear about what you are signing up for. There are a few ways that you can try out remote working on a temporary basis.

Contract Remote Positions: Contract workers are offered continuous employment for a set period of time, like six months or one year. This commitment puts a firm expiration date on your commitment while still providing sufficient time to give it a go. If you finish the contract and decide that remote working isn’t for you, simply make your next job something more traditional. This option is great because you won’t feel obligated to continue working in a role that isn’t suiting you.

Freelance Platforms: Another great way to try out remote working without making a long-term commitment is to give freelancing a try using popular freelance marketplace platforms that make it easy to get started. This option is a little riskier with no guarantee of meeting a certain income level. But it is a viable option for a no-strings-attached remote working arrangement. Take a look at what others are doing on Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer.

Get Hired with a Flexible Company: If you like the idea of steady work, the good news is that a growing number of companies are offering more flexibility. With the right company, you may be able to flex between remote and office-based work as you desire.

Sign Up for a Workcation Program

One way to embrace the lifestyle of a digital nomad is to take the opportunity to travel the world while working remotely. Travel is the essential component that was missing for many during the pandemic as most of the world sheltered in place. If you would like to find an affordable way to see the sights, there are several travel programs that take care of providing travel itineraries, airfare, lodging, co-working spaces, and social activities for a bundled price.

For a variable monthly expense starting around $2,250, programs like Remote Year allow you to travel the world for four, six, or twelve months with a full itinerary of cultural experiences built around the lifestyle of a digital nomad. They take care of the itinerary and create the perfect lineup of social interactions and interesting weekend excursions to keep you connected while you explore the globe. Similar variations include Hacker’s Paradise, Wifi Tribe, and the No Desk Project.

Create Your Own Itinerary

Maintain the ultimate nomadic lifestyle for any duration, staying for shorter or longer periods of time when you design your own itinerary. Here are a few nifty resources to get you started.

Work from Hyatt Program: One luxury global hotel brand has found a new way to inspire travel during the era of remote work with an exclusive program that offers a wide range of tailored benefits to make your global travel experience productive. With the Work from Hyatt program, you get hotel accommodations, workspace, daily food and beverage credit, free wifi, daily housekeeping, and waived resort fees with locations around the world to travel at your leisure while you work.

Airbnb & Coworker.com: If you’re all about the travel lifestyle but you need more freedom than the structured programs like Wifi Tribe typically provide, it’s pretty easy to do the same thing on your own these days. Companies like Airbnb have revolutionized the lodging industry, adding flexibility to travel accommodations. And with the rise in remote working, groups like coworker.com make it easy to find temporary coworking spaces in any city you want.

Outdoorsy: Rent an RV and take the ultimate road trip while keeping up with your work, making your home on wheels. Many cellular networks provide affordable unlimited data plans, turning any mobile phone into a hotspot to keep you connected.

The Takeaway on Trying Out Remote Working

The great thing about remote working is that it provides flexibility. With the help of technology, you can work from just about anywhere. And there are no shortage of remote opportunities that can be tailored to short or long-term commitments, providing part-time or full-time work. The only thing that is left to decide is what you want your remote working journey to look like.

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