3 Reasons to Work Remote and 3 Things to Watch for When Starting

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Valentino Rossi had said that his normal life was like being on a holiday

How do we understand the optimum balance between work and relaxation? The answer to this question lies in the blend between remote work and travel. After the pandemic continued to be a part of human lives, several people chose to work remotely. 

Digital Nomads are the coming-of-age workforce that will continue to grow even after the pandemic recedes. What does the term digital nomad convey to you? As nomads traverse across various locations in search of settlements, Millenials are now traveling across the globe to set up their virtual workstations! 

In this article, we will look at the various ways in which the combination of remote work and travel has enabled individuals to maintain a healthy balance and address the challenges of working from remote locations. 

Let us take a look at the perks first!

Benefits of Remote Work and Travel 

Our lives are a combination of finding the right balance while achieving professional success. Most people had started re-organizing their travel plans and preparing for work from remote locations after the effects of the pandemic became less vicious. Let us list out the various advantages that the new nomadic lifestyle offered:

  1. Creating Work-life balance- While working from remote locations, individuals need to set aside time for relaxation in a new environment that varies from their personal spaces. By keeping their virtual and shifting workstations and their relaxation spot separate, individuals can be mentally relieved after work hours and spend time with their friends and family in a different space.

  2. Change in ambiance leading to higher productivity- When individuals start working from a new location, they are away from the disturbance of the daily cacophony of the doorbell and the fruit vendors in their neighborhood. They are present in a space that allows them to immerse themselves in work without being distracted. One can visualize themselves seated next to the picturesque beauty of the mountains and attending their Zoom calls!

  3. Opportunity to network and build new connections- a person learns twice, grows thrice, and gains more wisdom when traveling. The chance to meet new people and interact with them after a long day of work may seem rejuvenating to many of us. When an individual travels from one place to another especially while traveling alone, we open ourselves to meeting all sorts of people from all walks of life. Traveling and working can provide a golden opportunity to meet new people and build networks even when one is far from home!

Let us now take a look at the drawbacks which make working from remote locations a hindrance:

  1. Connectivity Issues- Checking for secure network connectivity is essential before packing your bags for the work and travel itinerary. Often people overlook the need to re-check with the resort or homestay regarding the bandwidth of the network which can cause plenty of problems to one’s digital nomad lifestyle. Being consistently disconnected from meetings or losing power causes more than just temporary disruptions in work flow.

  2. Low interaction among co-workers- While using a blend of work and travel can be a unique way of utilizing one’s vacation and work together, it can create boundaries between co-worker interaction. While the office space provided a semi-community within which humans could interact with each other face-to-face, the remote work culture can lead to diminishing interactions among people belonging to the same organization. This challenge does require in a way to provide value from wherever you are.

  3. Social isolation can increase among individuals- In a scenario where employees are greeting each other regularly, person to person interactions are a daily occurence, but in a situation when individuals are in remote locations, it requires a greater effort on the part of the team to maintain close communication with each other to avoid social isolation.

The Balancing Beam of Work and Travel 

  One has the ability to take time for their self-care and psychological well-being when they are traveling from one place to another and working. It helps a person to connect with themselves and take time for themselves and their loved ones without the need to take an extended leave. 

  While navigating a day job is different remotely, the outcomes for Projects, Assignments stay the same. Travel brings growth and change to individuals, this provides an outside perspective and can actually give more value back to clients.

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