Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, remote work has increased, with only a small percentage of people reporting that they would like to return to full-time office work. While some people are looking for a mixed work plan, most people are looking for remote jobs full-time with benefits.

We help people to explore remote jobs through websites links and descriptions. Customer finds it easy to make a quick choice about a job, depending on their interest, personality, and calibre.

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If you are an employee looking to close that gap, then “can you work for me?” is here to help you explore working remotely while travelling.


We aim to make your remote work journey enjoyable while travelling or any other hobby you are keen to adopt! You are one of those incredible people who have learned to work freely and want to explore the world simultaneously. “Can I work for me?” will give you opportunities for growth and learning that you would find helpful to achieving your goals. We are here to provide you with the best course for remote work and provide directions for remote jobs that allow you to travel around the globe! We help you with the autonomy to work anywhere and allow employees to choose their home – or travel – without disrupting their work routines.