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Have you ever had that moment where you wake up one morning on the wrong side of the bed and the rest of the day is pretty much ruined for you? That’s only a glimpse into how important it is to start the day.

And that’s why the emphasis today is on how you start your day. Do you wake up each morning, dive into work, and get burned out within a few hours? This type of nonstop work is not sustainable long term and also harms your overall quality of work and life. Working Remote gives the freedom to set your own ways to navigate your day. Here are a few things to think about as you build your own working rituals.

Don’t Start Your Day with Work

Trust me; you’re going to have more than a few hours throughout the day to work as much as you can. However, starting the day on the right foot is super important if you want that massive burst of productivity. When you have to clock in at the office, you know that you have no choice but to get out of bed and get ready for work. However, as a remote worker, the rules are a bit different. Technically speaking, you’re your own boss, and if it takes a lot of effort to get out of bed, you’re just going to give up and end up saying, “I can’t work today.”

So, it’s super important for us to start the day with the right energy to ensure we get through our daily tasks. I would always recommend starting the day with something you absolutely love. It could be a cup of coffee, starting with music, or even exercise. For me, I read a couple chapters of a book with a cup of coffee, all before looking at my work phone.   

 A Cup of Coffee and a book is almost everything I need to start the day right. All I have to do is think about how I can apply what I am reading to my well being. This is very similar to a reward system. You feel more fired up to get up for the day when you know that you have something you really want waiting for you as soon as you’re done. So, always remember this rule: don’t start your day with work. 

Set Your Schedule

Remote work is more fun when you know how to take advantage of it. It’s so easy to get caught up in your work that you’re stuck at your laptop for hours before you realize how much time has gone. One of the best tips that have worked for me over the years is to have an established work schedule. Your routine should include the exact time you clock into work and when call it a work day. You’ll be tempted more than a few times to work after hours, but don’t give in. 

Make sure you don’t work even a minute longer, which will become a habit. But there’s a recurring question I get about this: how do you always complete your tasks for the day before it’s time to clock out? The answer is simple, track your action item tasks. Keep a  notepad where you outline all your tasks for the day, including an estimated time it would take to complete each one, use applications that can keep an ongoing record of your work. Kanban boards and organization boards can help set you up for success.

Clocking out for the day early enough is not just about giving yourself enough time to experience the city you live in. You also don’t have any excuse to go to sleep exhausted. Remember that sleeping really late will have an effect on the following day as you won’t be able to start your day right. That’s when good ol’ fatigue kicks in. But as a remote worker, you want to have just enough time to go cycling in the sun or just to sit at a local café for a cup of coffee while watching out the window as people hurry by. 

Give yourself plenty of time to get enough new experiences in your city of choice before packing your bags and moving on to a different location. Don’t be in a rush to get it all in, or you won’t take the time to enjoy these experiences. I remember a friend set on touring at least six countries in Europe before the year ran out. It wasn’t a pretty sight as she was always on the move. Finally, she admitted that after the year was out, it felt like she hadn’t done anything. She barely took time to document memories and experience everything one step at a time before packing her bags. Don’t be like my lovely friend. 

Create Your Reward System

I feel the need to tell you a little bit more about how you can take advantage of a reward system to enjoy your routine as a remote worker. The key here is to work smart and not hard. Find ways to create excitement. Once I finish my tasks there are trails to hike, friends to see, or research on the next place to go!

You can promise yourself a new local dish at a fancy restaurant you noticed earlier or even a day off if you finish all your tasks earlier than anticipated. There’s really no limit to how you can explore the reward system, as long as it gets you to love what you do all the more.

Now you get the picture. Today’s theme is all about starting your day right and ensuring that the energy stays at the proper level until you clock out for the day.

Dan McCabe
Dan McCabe

Long time remote worker with the dream of enabling everyone to join the remote workforce. Owner and Editor of

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