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Deloitte is one of the world’s largest professional services organizations, with over a hundred offices worldwide. They provide auditing, advisory, tax, and financial consulting services across more than twenty industries.

If you are keen on working for this company but have been unable to thus far due to geographic or other considerations, remote work may be the answer. Keep reading for the ins and outs of remote work at Deloitte.


Highlights of Deloitte’s Remote Work Policy

In 2021, consulting services giant Deloitte announced that once state-based restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic were lifted, staff will be able to decide when, how, and where they work.

This focused on outcomes rather than input. New remote employees are offered practical guidance, the result of Deloitte’s extensive experience with remote work.

Highlights of their remote work opportunities are:

It allows staff to work more flexible hours. This allows you the freedom to meet your family obligations, and take time out for your mental and physical well-being, as you need to. Which contributes to a healthier work/home life balance and happier employees.

It also allows staff to work either fully or partly remotely. This means that you can choose to sometimes work from home, and sometimes at the office, in a hybrid approach. The hybrid approach may work better for certain departments. Depending on the individual’s home environment, this may be preferable.

Attractive stipends and benefits are available to those who choose to work remotely. Remote employees benefit from a work-from-home technology subsidy of $500, a wellbeing subsidy of $1,000, along with time off and support for mental health.


Flexible Work Hours

Core hours are usually from 9 am-4 pm, and you need to balance your need for extra time off and flexibility with the needs of your clients and your team.

So, the opportunity to work from home is there, and flexible hours are allowed, but this will be affected by the requirements of the project you are working on.

If you take time off to attend to personal matters or family obligations, you may end up with a heavier workload the next day. That said, if you aim for a healthy work/family life balance, these new flexible working hours are the answer.


Choose Between Full-Time Remote Work or Hybrid Work

This entails neither full-time remote work nor a full day at the company’s offices, but a combination of office hours and work-at-home hours.

A certain level of engagement with clients is necessary, and while video conferencing is possible, it does not replace the value of face-to-face interaction from time to time.


Fantastic Work-From-Home Stipends And Benefits

Working where you want can be fantastic if you’re adequately set up for remote work. That’s where Deloitte’s stipends come into play.

The $500 subsidies can go towards an ergonomic chair, a more suitable desk, and any other home-office items necessary for performing the job from home. And wellbeing subsidies can be used as needed to facilitate a healthier remote work process.

In certain cases, you could get reimbursement for wifi, if it is necessary for doing the work.


What Remote Work Opportunities Exist At Deloitte Right Now

In the past Deloitte has had various types of work opportunities on offer.

These included freelance, temporary, alternative schedule, and remote jobs, including short-term assignments. Currently, they are offering numerous 100% remote, full-time jobs that can be done from any U.S. location.

Deloitte is one of the best X Tech Companies With Remote Work Policies. And several jobs can be done in a hybrid remote/office way or on a freelance platform, being offered at this time.


Employee Reviews Of Remote Work At Deloitte

These are some of the sentiments expressed in employee reviews of working at Deloitte, on Glassdoor.

  • While work hours are now more flexible, it is largely dependent on the project you’re working on. At times you may be required to attend, whether in person or virtually, client meetings way past accepted hours of business.
  • People in senior management positions at Deloitte may make their own schedule, but still, have to be prepared to put in a lot of hours. Your work schedule will also be very client dependent.
  • It can be difficult to achieve truly flexible hours in such a high-pressure environment. The pressure remains and now has to be self-imposed. You and the firm make money only when you achieve billing hours, after all.


Deloitte Remote Work In The News

Deloitte has focused on corporate travel in a new global report that addresses the impact that remote workers will have on the various hospitality brands in the future.

In their report, they emphasized that while corporate travel was growing again, the shift toward remote work affected the volume of business travelers heading to meetings, client visits, and conferences. This would require a new model for attracting corporate travel.


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