Salesforce Remote Work: What It’s Like To Work Remotely

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Salesforce is an American-based cloud driven company. Salesforce focuses on customer relationship management (CRM) that helps to bring customers and companies together.

The best thing is that they bring you everything on one platform. The departments the platform offers include sales, service, commerce, and marketing.

Salesforce is already a sought-after company to work at due to its popularity and the current growth in the market. The fact that it has now been announced that remote work will continue for more than half their staff, as well as new recruits, is likely to make them even more sought after.

In this article, we will be explaining why that is by highlighting some aspects of their remote work policy, as well as reporting feedback from employees who have worked there.


Highlights of Salesforce Remote Work Policy

With the implementation of permanent remote working, some aspects of Saleforce’s remote work policy have changed, while some have stayed the same.

Below, we will highlight important aspects of the policy, and what you can expect if you start to work there.


Employees Can Choose Between Full-Time Remote Work or Hybrid Work

Since the new aspect of permanent remote working has been introduced by Salesforce, they have established three different work categories.

These categories are labeled as office-based, fully remote, and flex. The first two are quite self-explanatory – either the employee will be working at the office full time, or will be working remotely on a full-time basis.

Flex, on the other hand, means that employees who choose this option will go into the office for one to three days a week. This will also typically only be for things such as meetings, presentations, and team collaborations.

By Salesforce giving their employees a choice of how they would like to work, this allows the employee to find out what style of working works best for them and allows them to work the most optimally, which is a benefit for both the employee and the company.


Attractive Benefits Still Apply When Working From Home

Luckily, Salesforce has decided to keep and offer the same benefits for employees who work in the offices, and employees who work remotely.

Remote employees who work at Salesforce can enjoy the benefits of their B-well program. The B-well program consists of 6 pillars that encourage you to work on your health and well-being. These pillars are labeled as nourish, thrive, revive, move, prosper and connect.

If you partake in enough of these pillar activities every month, you can get reimbursed up to $100 every month.

Additionally, when you work at Salesforce, you have medical, dental, and vision cover. You also get educational allowances to further your career, and you receive rewards for work anniversaries.

Lastly, time off is flexible, volunteer time off, and company holidays are paid for.


Flexible Work Hours

With their new implementation of permanent remote work, Salesforce is very big on having flexible work hours, and as their chief people officer puts it “the 9-to-5 workday is dead.”

The team at Salesforce believes that for employees to be successful, they need the flexibility to attain this.

Salesforce has realized that you can’t work 8 hours straight in a day and have the focus, mental capacity, or motivation to be successful. For this reason, they are more than happy if employees schedule things like school pick-ups and taking care of loved ones into their day.


Employee Reviews Of Remote Work At Salesforce

90% of employees report that working at Salesforce is a great pleasure. This is compared to 57% of employees at typical US companies, so there is a huge difference.

The general comment and review from employees who currently work there, or have worked there in the past, is that Salesforce is that management cares for its employees and is very on top of things, there are also great benefits, plenty of room for growth, and experience, and is a pleasant environment to work in.


Salesforce Remote Work In The News

Salesforce has made the news quite a lot in the last few months, but thankfully it is for all the right reasons.

In terms of remote work, Salesforce has made the news about how the flexibility of remote work is helping to boost tech careers for women, a field that has been male-dominated for a long time.

Salesforce is helping to empower women through their remote work initiative and is changing the future of tech by doing so.

Additionally, Salesforce has been looked upon for guidance from other companies that are grappling with returning to the office or keeping remote work going. News articles have spoken very highly of Salesforce and its ability to embrace flexibility and remote work.



To summarize, Salesforce seems to be on a good track with its permanent implementation of remote work.

They are definitely one of the best remote work companies to work for, as a lot of companies are looking up to them for guidance in the field of remote work.


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