Overview of Ford Motor Company Remote Work Policy

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Ford Motor Company is a US multinational automobile manufacturer with headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. Aside from research, development, and production of motor vehicles, Ford also offers countless work opportunities for remote workers in their financial and administrative departments

Are you are interested in working for this company? If you considered it impractical up until now due to your distance from their headquarters, remote work may be the solution. Let’s take a look at remote work at the remote work policy of Ford Motor Co.US.


Highlights of Ford Motor Company’s Remote Work Policy

The Covid-19 global pandemic and lockdowns necessitated a shift to remote work for companies around the world. Many US companies have decided to retain this worker-friendly model. One such company is the Ford Motor Company.


Employee Surveys

After their shift to remote work in 2020, Ford’ conducted several employee surveys regarding returning to work and preferences for remote work. Based on their findings, most employees preferred to retain the more flexible work hours that remote work allowed them.


Hybrid Approach

In 2021, Ford US stated that they would be introducing a hybrid work policy, which would allow many of these workers to continue to enjoy this flexibility.

The company believes that this empowerment will lead to increased job satisfaction, and happier workers as a result of a healthier work and life balance.

But, as only office workers are able to work remotely, this would not necessarily make a difference for the factory and production workers.


Flexible Hours, But Might Still Need To Attend Meetings

Work hours would now be more flexible. But coming into the office would still sometimes be necessary for meetings or group projects. The amount of time working remotely would be determined by the responsibilities of the job and input from their supervisors and the management.


Redesigned Offices

This shift to a hybrid work model also included plans for the redesign of its corporate office interiors.

Walls, desks, fixtures, conference rooms, and collaborative spaces would be retrofitted to be versatile and adaptable to the needs of this new work model.

The focus would be on enabling video calls and deploying technology to enhance virtual connectivity among co-workers and managers.


Employees Can Choose Between Full-Time Remote Work or Hybrid Work

Ford is currently offering several jobs with an option for remote work. Many jobs are also available that are more of a hybrid between remote and in-person work.

The possibility for Ford Motor Company remote work depends on the position being applied for. If you are applying for a job in an administrative capacity, then remote work should be entirely possible.

If you are on the lookout for a managerial post, bear in mind that this would be possible only in a hybrid approach. There will be meetings, conferences, etc that can be attended via video call but you will need to sometimes travel to their offices.


Ford Motor Company Remote Work Allows For Flexible Work Hours

Flexible work hours are possible due to Ford Motor Company’s hybrid and remote work options. But, not all jobs at this company can fit into this model.

A common theme amongst employees is the need to work very long hours. There is still a degree of flexibility, but the higher up the corporate ladder you go, the longer hours you may need to work. And there may be less flexibility at senior management levels.


Employee Reviews Of Remote Work At Ford US

Overall, employee reviews of the company are favorable and job satisfaction is high. But many indicated that corporate positions were the most challenging and rewarding. According to Glassdoor reviews from employees:

  • Ford is a great company to work for, depending on which department you work in. But a lot of restructuring caused instability and security issues for me.
  • A good place to work for, but only at the corporate level.

Ford Motor Company Remote Work In The News

In March 2020, Ford issued a statement that allowed most of its workforce to work remotely.

In a company-wide survey, approximately 95% of Ford’s office workers had indicated a preference to self-determine the way they carry out their work duties. So in 2021, Ford announced a move to a flexible, hybrid work policy for its employees, allowing them to continue to work both remotely and in person.

The iconic US automobile manufacturer informed their approximately 30,000 office workers that they could continue to work from home and work more flexible hours. And this has led to them becoming one of The Top X Best Remote Companies To Work For In 2022.

Due to pandemic-related factors, there were a few delays in implementing the new hybrid approach.


One of the lasting effects of the Covid-19 pandemic was the shift to remote work and more flexible work hours.

To provide their employees with a more balanced work/home life, Ford Motor Co. is committed to accommodating a hybrid work model. Many Ford Motor Company remote work and hybrid work opportunities are available.


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