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In 2020 the world moved online, and much of it has stayed there. 

Remote work and work from home positions are now more popular than ever, plus many companies are switching to 100% remote structures. It seems like this new way of working is here to stay. 

One of the most popular online careers is remote online marketing. Online marketer jobs are one of the most in-demand jobs at the moment. You can enjoy working from home or abroad in this position, as long as you have a laptop and some Wi-Fi. 

Are you interested in getting a digital marketing job? It is our mission to help get you started in your Remote Career so let’s see what we can do to help. Keep on reading to explore this career and the skills you need to thrive.

What Is An Online Marketer?

Before we jump into the critical skills and requirements of remote online marketing, we’ll quickly summarize the position.

Marketing is traditionally an office job that studies the facts, figures, and advertisement campaigns to help a business or product thrive. While online marketer jobs still help companies succeed, their primary focus is on web marketing and digital engagement.

If you opt for a work-from-home marketing position, you’ll find yourself developing content strategies, marketing strategies, SEO, PPC, and online advert campaigns. Many traditional marketing elements are still present, but now they’re optimized for the digital era.

This is an ideal job for anyone interested in fast-paced projects, teamwork, and goal-oriented work. You’ll get the chance to collaborate with others from the comfort of your home

What Are The Skill Requirements?

Each job requires a specific skill set, so what do you need for a remote online marketing career?

When it comes to digital marketing jobs, employees need to be ready to learn new skills daily. The nature of online content is that new apps, analytics, and content appear every day. As an online marketer, you’ll need to be ready to create new and innovative solutions for your clients.

Essential skills to focus on in this career are:

  • Good knowledge of SEO & SEM

  • Data analytic skills

  • Understanding of video marketing

  • Content strategy

  • Knowledge of social media marketing

  • Copywriting

While there are many technical skills to focus on in digital marketing jobs, one of the most important skills is communication. You need to be able to get your idea across to numerous consumers on a range of platforms. Remember, 95% of US citizens own a mobile phone, so don’t discount your social media skills.  

Depending on where you apply, the general skill requirements might change. However, the majority of work-from-home positions focus on similar tasks. Ensure your soft skills are up to date too! Working with others can be more complex than you expect.

Combining your stellar communication skills with the latest tech will have the winning formula for any online marketer job.

What Are The Experience Requirements?

Like any job, remote online marketing requires specific experience before you can step into a top role. However, you’ll be there with a little hard work in no time.

Generally, if you’re applying to a marketing team or company, they’ll look for a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or communications. Also, keep in mind more and more companies are dropping requirements for Degrees. If you’re applying for a junior role, previous experience won’t always be necessary. But, if you’re aiming for a specialist or managerial position, you’ll need a minimum of two to three years of experience.

Digital marketing jobs are everywhere, so don’t let this dishearten you! If you’re just starting in the field, start applying for work-from-home positions today and watch your confidence and skill set grow.

How To Get Starter Experience

Experience is key to landing your dream position. Luckily, there are multiple ways to get you moving in the right direction!

Many online marketers complete internships or work experience before landing their final digital marketing jobs. This provides on-the-job experience, prepping them for working alongside professionals on a marketing team.

Another way to gain experience for online marketer jobs is to start as a freelancer. Whether you set yourself up as a content writer or a digital marketing strategist, it’s helpful to get some individual gigs under your belt before applying for a full-time remote work role.

There are also online courses to help you top up your marketing knowledge. You might be great at SEO strategy, but your communication and copywriting might not be up to date. A short work-from-home course can revitalize your skills and prepare you for your interview. Plus, additional education and courses look great on applications!

There’s no one path to a fulfilling remote online marketing job! The key is to get started with the experience you’ve gained now and slowly work up. 

Which Skills Are Most Popular?

Are you ready to kickstart your remote work journey? Make sure you focus on the most popular skills to land an online marketing job that suits you.

We discussed a range of appropriate skills in the requirements, but some skills are more in demand than ever. 

Some of the most popular remote work skills include:

  • PPC – Pay-per-click advertising.

  • Conversion rate optimization

  • SEO

  • Copywriting

  • Strategy

Of course, the demand for skills will differ from team to team. For example, a new brand will focus on a digital presence and SEO skills. But, an established company will focus on communication and advert campaigns. 

Assess your skills and use your strengths to find digital marketing jobs that complement your strengths. Don’t forget; you want to work with a team that will help you grow too. 

Final Thoughts

Remote online marketing is an exciting career. With the flexibility to work from home while staying connected to a passionate team, this work from home position offers the best of both worlds. Hopefully, this article has inspired you to update your CV with relevant skills and experience. Good luck! 

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