Best Places to Live in Florida for Families

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Did you know Sarasota and Tampa rank 9th and 39th as the best places to live in the USA? Both of these are the best places to live in Florida for families. Whether you’re moving with your family or are retiring, the Florida sun is what you need.

With respect to remote working, raising families in a peaceful environment, or enjoying the beach, nothing beats the likes of Florida. Florida is among the top five states ranked by CNBC for remote work in the US. It provides the perfect blend of cost living, vacation-worthy weather, beaches, and many remote working opportunities.

Here are the five best places to live in Florida with kids and for people who enjoy their life in a peaceful place.


Ranked at 39 for the best places to live in the USA, Tampa has a population of 395,912 people. The average rent costs $1,178, and the average income is $55,634. Tampa also ranks the safest place to live in Florida at #91.

As far as the lifestyle of Tampa goes, you get the best of both worlds. Disney World is just a short distance from Tampa, so that’s a win-win situation for people with families. The laid-back living of Tampa is perfect for raising a family or even retiring and living a peaceful life.

The diverse culture with a majority of the Hispanic community and the many reputed schools in Tampa makes it one of the best places in Florida to live for families. Moreover, it is also the hub of many professional sports teams.

Copper City

Among the 40 best cities to live in Florida, Copper City ranks on top. There are many reasons why Copper City secures the 1st position. The main reason is the high literacy rate of the population in Florida; 94.5% of the residents have a high school degree, at the very least. Most families in Copper City have kids, and over 91% of families live in the same house for years.

In addition, Copper City has a median household income of over $88,000, and it is also known as “Some Place Special” As far as Schooling goes, it has A-rating public schools in the US.

Copper City also promotes healthy living as it has the famous Brian Piccolo Park, offering many athletic activities. Not only that, but Copper City also maintains cricket grounds.

Fish Hawk

The picturesque town of Fish Hawk is no less than 20 miles southeast of Tampa. It has a population of just 14,000 people and is the most well-designed and master-planned community in Florida. With a median home, the value is around $352,000; it’s one of the most affordable places to live for families.

Apart from offering affordable housing, Fish Hawk offers many outdoor recreational activities for the whole family, among which walking/hiking trails and Swinging are the most popular activities.

If you are a nature fanatic, Fish Hawk is the ideal place to live with a large community green area and many outdoor amenities like Camping, Sports, etc.

But that’s not all; Fish Hawk also houses a wide range of restaurants and shopping destinations. All in all, it’s the perfect community to raise a family in peace.


Sarasota has a vibe of its own that is opposite to what you may have felt in other coastal areas of Florida. The beachy atmosphere of Sarasota is unlike any other town in Florida. The flourishing food culture, as well as the Art, is what attracts the population to Sarasota.

Sarasota Boosts a population of over 800,000 people and its own opera house that is pretty famous in Florida. Moreover, the quality of rooftop bars, as well as restaurants in Sarasota, are unmatchable. If you are tired of the same old mundane routine of your remote working lie, you can also sink your toes deep in the soft sand of the popular beach of Siesta Key.

Did you know Sarasota ranks 7th on the list of safest places to live in Florida? Safety is the reason why it is the best place to live in Florida for families near the beach.

The Median Home Price in Sarasota is around $387,630, and the Median Monthly Rent is estimated at $1,259. The quality of life in Sarasota is above average whether you are retiring here or thinking of raising a family.


Orlando is known as the birthing place of Mickey Mouse and Hogwarts. This land is truly magical; it’s no wonder thousands come here to explore and later settle. Not only is this the best family vacation destination in the world, but it is also the best place to live in Florida for families in 2022.

However, people moving to Orlando should prepare themselves for the year-round flux of tourists.

Orlando has a population of over 2,508,970 as it’s the Metro city of Florida. Living in Orlando can be a bit expensive as the median home price is around $338,974, with monthly rent estimated at $1,210. Orlando is at No. 118 on the list of safest places to live in Florida.

Wrapping Up

Whether you like the city’s hustle or the quiet countryside, Florida has the best of both worlds in store for you and your family.

The towns mentioned above and cities are the best places to live in Florida with kids, not because they have the best schools but because they are known as the safest communities to raise kids.

These towns are also the best place to live for people working remotely, as they all have decent internet connections and public Wi-Fi that are a must for remote workers.

So, if you are researching and narrowing down cities to live in Florida, these above-mentioned cities should be on your list for sure.


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