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All good things are happening down under! Australia has been on many people’s radars for quite some time, but now more than ever. Why do you ask? From the drop-dead gorgeous northern beaches, incredible public health care systems, high national wages, and laid-back communities, what else could you possibly ask for?

Australia is crawling with new and exciting things around every corner. Do you love the art & music scene? Melbourne is your spot. Or maybe you love bustling cities with beautiful beaches? Sydney is where you’ll want to be. Or maybe you’re even a lone wolf who loves the dry weather and red sand deserts? Western Australia is your best bet!

From North, South, East to West this beautiful country fits every mood or personality. In this article, we will walk you through the best place to live in Australia.


If you are a lover of the city, Sydney is one of the most beautiful, vibrant, and convenient cities you will ever have the chance to enjoy. Sydney has continued to be a popular tourist destination, but Americans have been considering uprooting their entire lives to move there now more than ever.

Surrounded by a huge body of water, the city is booming with fun activities for both tourists and long-term visitors. Although Sydney is by far the most expensive city to live in Australia. It makes up for being the land of opportunity. With Sydney being the hotspot for local and international business it continues to have endless options for work.

Apart from being the land of opportunity, it is a popular destination for foodies, digital nomads, and outdoor lovers. So, throughout your time you will have an extensive array of options for entertainment. Something notable to point out as well as the amazing and inexpensive transportation system Sydney offers. Allowing you to get from one side of the city to the other in less than an hour!

Sydney is the digital nomad’s paradise. With coworking stations on every corner and the city’s motivation, you can’t go wrong anywhere in Sydney.

Average Cost of Living:

1 Bedroom Apartment in City Center: 1760 USD

1 Bedroom Apartment outside of City Center: 1250 USD

3 Bedroom Apartment in City Center: 3,400 USD

3 Bedroom Apartment outside of City Center: 2,100 USD

Gold Coast

Besides the gorgeous weather, beaches, and nightlife, the Gold Coast offers incredible educational establishments and career opportunities. There are a differentiation of areas throughout the Gold Coast that make it special, for instance, if you are looking for a young, fun, and upbeat area you would want to be in Surfers Paradise. But, if you were looking for a beautiful, quiet, and laid-back destination you would want to enjoy Burleigh Head.

Gold Coast offers world-class universities, including Griffith University and Southern Cross University, both institutions recognized in Times Higher Education Young University Rankings. Along with Bond University which has been rated as one of the top Australian universities for student satisfaction.

With a large portion of the people living in the area being students, the cost of living, public transportation, and entertainment are extremely affordable in this area.

Average Cost of Living:

1 Bedroom Apartment in City Center: 1,300 USD

1 Bedroom Apartment outside of City Center: 1,100 USD

3 Bedroom Apartment in City Center: 2,800 USD

3 Bedroom Apartment outside of City Center: 1,600 USD

Airlie Beach

Calling all retirees! The white sand beaches are calling your name. Airlie Beach, also known as the Whitsundays, has been home to Australian tourists for decades, slowly bringing in long-term settlers throughout the years.

Since Covid-19 and the ability to move across the country to be in more desirable places, Whitsundays was no exception. It is a small town, and the flood of new people was a bit overwhelming for the locals but they are adapting well.

Airlie Beach lies above the line of Capricorn so the weather year-round is warm and tropical. Along with an endless amount of outdoor activities to enjoy around town. The ideal place for remote travelers to end up, though wifi is reliable the town is quite small and touristy so keep that in mind when making an overall decision.

Activities such as:

  • Hiking
  • Sailing
  • Fishing
  • Diving
  • Mountain Biking

Average Cost of Living:

1 Bedroom Apartment in City Center: 1,400USD

3 Bedroom Apartment in City Center: 2,400 USD


Welcome to Australia’s culture capital! Melbourne is best known for its old English architecture, lively art scene, and boogie music. Melbourne has been Economist Intelligence Unit’s global liveability index’s reigning champion for 7 years in a row and for a solid reason. You’ll find world-class food establishments and coffee culture unlike anywhere else in the country.

Melbourne gravitates to a younger crowd keeping the city fresh and exciting. Since it is in the southernmost part of the country Melbourne has four seasons and much colder winters than the rest of Australia. But nothing like cuddling up next to a fireplace with a loved one on a cold winter’s day!

Average Cost of Living:

1 Bedroom Apartment in City Center: 1,200 USD

1 Bedroom Apartment outside of City Center: 950 USD

3 Bedroom Apartment in City Center: 2,200 USD

3 Bedroom Apartment outside of City Center: 1,500 USD

Margaret River

Located on the Western Side of Australia, Margaret River is best known for its beautiful wine country with most locals naming it one of the best holiday destinations. With that being said, why not make it your new home?

From endless choices of well-renowned wineries like Stonefish winery, Brookwood Estate, Driftwood Estate, Stella Bella Wines, and many more you have an array of choices to fit your best mood.

Not only are the beautiful hills of Margaret River captivating, but the 84 miles of untouched coastline have attracted worldwide visitors. These white sand beaches will have you toasting in the sun next to crystal blue waters with the friendliest of locals.

Average Cost of Living:

1 Bedroom Apartment in City Center: 1,400 USD

3 Bedroom Apartment in City Center: 2,400 USD


The reigning cultural, economic and physical differentiation throughout Australia creates the perfect options for expats’ needs. Not only these main distinctions but personal safety country-wide is something Australia takes pride in. Wherever you choose to plant your new life is depending solely on you, making Australia one of the best places to live!


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